Day Spa Services For Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Acupuncture Pro Acupuncture at the Araluen Day Spa for stress relief, relaxation, or drug & alcohol disease.

For the ultimate Araluen acupuncture experience try our Araluen Vacation Package from $99.
Benefits of Acupuncture are numerous and can be very effective for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. Acupuncture is approved to treat stress relief, insomnia, tendino-musclar pain, allergy relief, addiction, incontinence, impotence, chronic fatigue, IBS, and much more…

Massage/Skin Care Relax with a Massage and Facial, or rejuvenate with face-lift acupuncture.

Treat yourself to relaxing massage and facial, or experience 10 sessions of facelift acupuncture for just $799.
Stop by for the Araluen day spa experience and relax with a massage and/or facial. At Araluen resort and spa its all about a healthier more vibrant you.

Energy Work Detox Program

Enjoy the Magic of Araluen Detox & Rehab. Energy work for stress relief and peace of mind: ACCESS BARS and Medical Qigong.
The highest level of healing for holistic drug addiction and alcohol abuse treatment, and also the most subtle: experience the magic of Araluen with relaxing energy work treatment for peace of mind and spirit. Modalities include ACCESS BARS energy work for greater ease and joy in your life, MTVSS for enhanced immunity and resistance to disease, and Chinese Medical Qigong to help balance and harmonize the body’s natural spring of well being.